Hamon D’Hondt becomes
D’Hondt Thermal Solutions

New brand, new horizons
Onwards and Upwards !

The Hamon D’Hondt brand has paved a path of excellence for the past 60 years in the field of Heat Exchange and we intend to keep its legacy alive by optimally supporting our valued partners with our know-how, products and services. Since the German Group Grossmann finalized the purchase late 2018 of Hamon D’Hondt from the Hamon Group, it’s now time for us to open the next chapter of our journey and share with you our new identity: new name, new logo, new colors for a brighter future. Our past is what determines our future and we therefore preserve D’Hondt as the founder of the company as well as a market leader in the air-cooled heat exchanger arena. Our new logo is self-explanatory, the D’H stands for the enduring legacy of our history and in a modern font that will anchor us in the 21st century.

oil & gas

for O&G solutions

oil & gas

for power generation solutions

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for services solutions

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for energy storage solutions

This will clearly and visually guide our customers to the solution that fits their needs.

Our products and services solutions will soon be displayed on this Website, we will then gradually add new and additional features.

Our tagline “Onwards and Upwards” which refers to the horizontal fluid flow through the air cooler versus the vertical flow of air resonates more than ever with our strategy and vision driven by our product development and our ability to always provide thermal solutions.

Onwards and Upwards,  
The D’Hondt Thermal Solutions team