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Spare parts

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers will always show signs of wear and tear after a certain length of operational time.

To avoid non optimal operation or even outage of their clients’ equipment, DH-TS offers the highest quality spare parts coming from OEM which provide:

  • The guarantee of DH-TS certified original parts
  • Parts perfectly fitted to your installation
  • Support from DH-TS teams for on-site replacements

DH-TS provides its clients’ equipment with a large variety of spare parts : blades, fans, motors, seals, tubes, shafts, gaskets etc. to bring them the following benefits:

  • Optimized and reliable operational equipment
  • A return to original performance levels
  • Equipment life-span is extended
  • Full service for support and repairs

In addition to replacing your spare parts, DH-TS teams can conduct maintenance, inspection and any repairs of your heat exchangers.

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