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A ‘Perfect’ Air cooler is the result of correct assembly, precise settings, detailed commissioning and full environmental integration.

There are risks associated with incorrect installation:

  • Unsatisfactory operations or even system malfunction causing premature deterioration
  • Faulty assembly which damages parts of the system
  • Possible exposure to guarantee invalidity and personal liability

The DH-TS solution

DH-TS offers installation and specific training on its equipment. Supervision is carried out by a competent team with strict application of our methods. DH-TS offers two perspectives:

  • Expert installation supervision ;
  • Guarantee extension by subscription to one of our maintenance programs.

DH-TS benefits

DH-TS offers its clients the following advantages:

  • Guarantee of optimum operational standard
  • Assurance of having their system properly installed
  • Confirmation and possible extension of the manufacturer’s warranty

Furthermore, customers can be coached and advised as to the safe use of equipment to ensure that it remains effective over time.

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