D'Hondt Thermal Solutions


D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS started its industrial activities with Pressure Vessels in Europe (Belgium) more than a century ago and gradually developed its Heat Exchange activities from 1950 onwards. D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS further developed its presence in the thermal business arena by manufacturing Air Cooled Heat Exchangers in 1960 and subsequently spread its wings geographically from 2007 to become a world leader in this field.


With over 70 years of experience in the field of heat exchange, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS can address and resolve all clients’ needs in this field. D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is a well-known partner in many industries and offers its products to Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Heavy Industry and refrigeration technology sectors.

D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS has developed significant innovative technologies in the design and manufacture of high pressure equipment and in the production of components made with special materials such as Titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel and Nickel Alloys.
Thanks to its consolidated design and manufacturing experience combined with the adoption of improved design and fabrication concepts, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is able to make a highly technological contribution to the completion of industrial plants and for implementation of energy programs worldwide.

D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS offers its clients and partners the most reliable After Sales services throughout the full life cycle of their project and brings its full expertise and support to ensure that its customers achieve maximum efficiency from their heat exchangers equipment.

Production facilities

D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is a leading global manufacturer of Air Cooled heat Exchangers with two main factories:

One in Jubail Industrial area, Saudi Arabia, to serve more specifically the Middle East markets, and one in South Korea for the Korean and Asian market, and more globally to serve the rest of the world.

French Head office


French Headquarters are located in Valenciennes. This center of expertise serves the entire DH-TS Group. Sales and proposal teams, supply chain, project management and global engineering supports the other entities

Saudi Arabia factory


D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS has a factory in Jubail Industrial Area (Saudi Arabia) with a covered area of 4,500 m2 on a total surface of 12,000 m2. The workshops in Saudi carry out header manufacturing, tube finning, bundle assembly, air cooled heat exchanger modularizing, and all relevant tests (hydrotest, helium leak testing, vibrations, noise…).

Korea factory


In 2010, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS decided to found a company in South Korea to support its Korean and Asian customers and maximize its presence with a local manufacturing unit.
D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS has a dedicated sales and management team located in Seoul. It is made up of skilled thermal engineers, a procurement team and administrative staff.
D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS also has its own manufacturing facilities located in Gunsan, with a covered shop of 10.500 m² and 33.500 m² total land.

The workshops are fully equipped with the latest modern machinery to manufacture and test completed air cooled heat exchangers


D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is owned by the Grossmann Group since December 2018.

The Grossmann group has been active for more than 30 years in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction activities for Gas Systems, loading systems, Energy systems, Water systems and Automation systems.

It operates mainly in Europe and Russia / CIS countries and employs more than 1500 people worldwide.

For more information, visit www.grossmann.group



It has been a long and rich industrial story from D’HONDT in 1890 to D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS in 2019.

During the last 70 years D’HONDT brand has paved a path of excellence in the field of Heat Exchange and we intend to keep the legacy alive by optimally supporting our valued partners with our know-how, products and services.

Our past is what determines our future, and to open the next chapter of the D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS Group we therefore kept D’HONDT as the founder of the company as well as a market leader in the air-cooled heat exchanger arena.

D’HONDT started in 1890 with Pressure Vessels manufacturing for Brewery industry in Belgium but the origin of our heat exchangers started in 1950 when D’HONDT began manufacturing the first Shell & tube heat exchangers for the hydrocarbon industry

The main milestones are the following:

1950:  Ateliers François D’HONDT start designing and manufacturing Shell & tubes

1960:  Spirogills France and D’HONDT start finned tube production and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for Hydrocarbon Industry

1986: Hamon group acquires D’HONDT and Spirogills France , HAMON D’HONDT is formed

 2007: HAMON D’HONDT MIDDLE EAST is formed in Jubail, Saudi Arabia to offer manufacturing in KSA and serve markets in the Middle East.

2010: HAMON BHI Joint venture is formed in South Korea with local Company BHI to start manufacturing Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for Asian markets.

2013: HAMON D’HONDT KOREA is formed in Seoul / Gunsan in South Korea to serve Asian and all other markets

2017: The board of Hamon Group announced their decision to sell the Heat Exchangers division (PHE).

2018: In December 2018, Hamon Group concludes the agreement for the sale of the Heat Exchangers division (PHE) to the German Grossmann group.

 2019: In December 2019, with a new name, the former Hamon Heat Exchangers division (PHE) is writing its own history as D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS

 2020: D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS and FRITERM set up a commercial joint-venture dedicated to non-api products for Powergen Applications

 2020: D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS becomes the exclusive service partner of ELBRONS SOLUTIONS in Middle-East.

 2021: D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS inaugurates the extension of its Jubail Factory under the patronage of ARAMCO (new header box manufacturing line)