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Energy storage

D’HONDT THERMAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS proposes a wide range of innovations in Thermal Heat Pipe heat exchange, industrial monitoring, high temperature thermal Energy Storage…

Waste Heat valorization

Industrial processes are excessive heat consumers, losing a vast part in the form of hot exhaust gases. Valorizing such waste heat in other processes is generally difficult due to these very hot and/or very dirty exhaust gases.

The lack of guarantees of a classic heat exchanger with dirty exhaust gases is also a major obstacle for waste heat valorization.

DHTS is developing an industrial waste heat recovery solution with a heat pipe exchanger aimed at making energy savings and to improve the environmental footprint.

Waste heat recovery integration with a heat pipe exchanger is a solution as it guarantees satisfactory operations.

Our Heat Pipe thermal waste exchanger can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, heat pipe exchanger can be used with very different high Temperature heat sources.

It is a robust solution which can be used at different temperatures and in varying environmental ranges (either very hot and/or very dirty liquid/ exhaust gases).

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Industrial monitoring systems

DHTS Innovation department has developed an industrial monitoring system (data consumption) for audit maintenance (predictive maintenance) and energy management.

This box solution or “solution in a box” (DHTS box) can also be used for monitoring production needs and extra production peaks of energy which can then be stored in DHTS’s Thermal Energy Storage solutions (Intelligent monitoring).

The DHTS box protects sensitive information.

We use secure interconnections between systems with different security levels.

Thermal Energy Storage & Environment

DHTS is developing innovative and high temperature technological storage solutions (operating temperatures from +100°C to +600°C) for energy recovery to improve power thermal networks’ autonomy and to ensure a balance between production and consumption.

Energy storage enables power supply management to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and create added value for power companies and consumers. Thermal energy storage captures heat and as it does the cold to provide energy on demand.

District Heating Networks

Nowadays, new district heating networks integrate renewable and intermittent energy sources to limit environmental impacts. The installation of our Thermal Energy Storage reduces on one hand the environmental footprint and on the other guarantees a safer heat supply.


Industrial heat energy recovery

Excess heat energy waste recovery created during industrial production peaks can be stored and delivered when needed.

Our solutions meet the needs of industrial customers and those of island territories investing in energy transition and concerned with saving energy.


Solar and Conventional Power plants

Concentrated Solar Power Plants are basically thermal power plants using the sun’s rays as a heat source which can be used to generate electricity using a Rankine cycle.

Solar energy integration to the grid is currently limited however because of its dependency on weather conditions , associated reliability and cost related questions.

Our thermal energy storage solution is economically efficient and can be used for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to increase produced electricity availability and to reduce carbon emissions of fossil fuels power plants.

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Custom Design Service & heat recovery challenges

DHTS’s Industrial Custom Design Service (CDS) department helps industrial customers in their innovation cycle.

We develop new thermal exchangers, thermal energy storage solutions and industrial monitoring boxes for energy recovery for industrial applications…

Our industrial challenge: to reduce your industrial sites’ environmental footprint and generate extra cash in your pocket.

DHTS takes advantages of its long-term experience in the industry to help you design your project...

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