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The world demand for gas is strongly rising: the global output is linked to multiple factors such as the world population increase but also to the possibilities for emerging countries to access cleaner fuel for power generation. This has created a growing market (the gas fired power plants have a much smaller carbon footprint than coal or oil-fired power plants). This situation goes hand and hand with a new-comers to the gas exporting countries (such as the US) with the development of the shale gas industry.

Moreover, the globalization of the gas exchange throughout the world has developed in parallel with the 2 ways of transporting gas: gas pipelines and LNGs.

The LNG plants are used to export Gas between countries separated by oceans. Unlike neighboring countries receiving gas via pipeline, LNGs plants liquefy the gas for sea transportation using LNG tankers to deliver all over the world. The liquefaction process is the only way to minimize the volume of the gas for storage and/or transportation by up to 1/600 ratio.

Therefore, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is strongly present in the gas compression, gas treatment and gas transportation markets. This includes:

  • LNGs plants
  • Compression stations (for gas pipelines)
  • Gas Field development
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Gas treatment facilities (acid removal, Sulphur removal, …)
  • Gas separation units
Market & applications