D'Hondt Thermal Solutions
D'Hondt Thermal Power Solutions

Market & applications


Data centers


  • Data storage centers
  • IT Hosting centers
  • Webtrading centers
  • Telephone centers
  • Cyber security centers
  • Building industry


Indoor cooling

    • Computer Room Air conditioning using CRAC systems
    • Computer Room Air handling thanks tor CRAH systems
    • Inrow cooling unit

Outdoor cooling

    • Room cooling using dry coolers, condensers, aircooled chillers, water cooled chillers, roof top units, free cooling sets (chiller + dry cooler packages) and coils (dx coil, chilled water coil, glycol coil, condenser coil…)  
    • Emergency power generation units cooling (usually Dieses or gas engines) thanks to dry colers and dual circuit HT/LT Air cooler, standard dry coolers and Customized Air coolers
Market & applications