D'Hondt Thermal Solutions
D'Hondt Thermal Power Solutions

Non API technology basics

Mainly based on a Heat exchange surface made of small diameter tubes (up to 15 mm diam) mechanically expanded in common plain fins


Material: Seamless, Copper, CuNi or stainless steel (304 L and 316 L)


Materials: Aluminium, Epoxy coated Aluminium, Aluminium +Magnesium 2.5 or 3, Copper


Material: Copper, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel (304 L and 316 L)Main
type: Cylindrical or removable (boxes)

Mainly used for Water, demineralized water, Water+ glycol mixture, Lubrication oil, dielectric oil and refrigeration fluids
Limit of use: 120°C skin T° / 15 bar design pressure

Designed according to AD 2000 Merkblatt code
Possibility of U-Stamp and of compliance with ASME section VIII when applicable


For the same Duty:

  • Similar Footprint
  • Similar electrical consumption
  • Total weight divided by 3
  • Delivery time divided by 2 (mini)
  • Cheaper transportation costs
  • Onsite Erection time divided by 3
  • Price reduction: 25% mini