D'Hondt Thermal Solutions
Jubail plant extension

Successful qualification of our Jubail (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) plant extension by SAUDI ARAMCO.

We are pleased to announce that our Jubail plant extension in KSA has been qualified by Saudi Aramco, enabling DH-TS to manufacture complete Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers locally.

DH-TS has invested in a complete line of Headers (Pressure parts) manufacturing, including CNC and automatic Welding machines, finalizing our primary investment for tubes finning and bundles assembly done previously. This complete set-up with a large capacity will be primarily dedicated to the Middle Eastern market. 

This is a great step towards reaching IKTVA levels in the next months and coming years as well as provide continuous support and new services to our customers. 

This major step has been achieved with the close collaboration between DH-TS France and DH-TS Manufacturing Co. Ltd specialists.

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Work in progress,

Onwards and Upwards!