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From process heat exchangers… to industrial energy heat Recovery & the Energy Storage market

With over 60 years’ experience in the field of heat exchange, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS can address and resolve all clients’ requirements for air-cooled heat exchange.

With its extensive experience, D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is fully aware of the major challenges for long-lasting, clean and accessible energy. D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS has decided to take the lead and develop new innovative solutions for Heat Recovery, Industrial Monitoring and high temperature thermal Energy Storage.

All around the globe, it is of paramount importance for electricity providers to ensure permanent grid balance. Conventional Power plants (and CSP) use Heat Recovery and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to this end, offer production on demand and hence, can cope with production intermittencies and/or for peaks of consumption.

Waste heat energy recovery created by industrial production allows accelerated integration of renewable energies in the energy mix in industrials plants.

Industrial waste heat recovery faces increasingly unsteady operational conditions which requires ever more complex management as demand for this renewable energy share grows. Integration of industrial monitoring systems is a solution which guarantees a greater flexibility in this industrial waste heat recovery.

Industrial monitoring allows further renewable integration in the mix, while reducing operational and environmental impacts.

D’HONDT THERMAL SOLUTIONS is proud to offer its clients this new line of products and services.

Energy Storage Solutions

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Market & applications