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End-users usually face difficulties when it comes to equipment inspection/accessibility during operations:

  • Inspection in an inaccessible industrial environment
  • Detection of leaks or heat loss from an air cooler
  • Inspections during equipment use
  • Inspections of cracks or welds in an explosive environment
  • Checking of the operating status of a 200m-long air cooler quickly
  • Making of a 3D-model of existing equipment without error

The DH-TS solution

DH-TS’ drone solution specializes in data acquisition and processing with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles specific to critical and explosive environments. The DH-TS drone solution provides its clients with a complete and accurate vision of their infrastructures, with no production downtime, without putting personnel at risk, and for a limited cost.

DH-TS enables its clients to visualize the totality of their assets, regardless of accessibility, in order to predict the installations’ future evolution and to optimize inspection processes.

The DH-TS offer includes:

  • Thermography
  • Orthophotography
  • Thickness structure
  • 3D model

DH-TS benefits

The DH-TS solution has the following advantages:

  • No shutdown (no production interruption)
  • Increased safety (no risk for staff/workers)
  • Short inspection time
  • Perfect accuracy
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